AnnaAnna Magyari Beck

She has been the teacher of the Alexander technique in Hungary, Budapest since 1993. She graduated from the three year-long teacher training of Shmuel Nelken’s school, and got the internationally accepted degree in 1993. Her thesis was a volume published under the title: “A türelem gyógyító művészete”. It was published in Hungarian in the same year with the establishment of the first Alexander Studio in Hungary.

Between 1995 and 1998 she founded the House of Patience School (Türelem Háza Iskola). Her first students became her assistants. They made an attempt in cooperation with some invited university professors to create a comprehensive developing programme that takes the whole personality into account, based on the Alexander technique.

In 2000 the examiner teachers’ corporation of The Alexander Technique International (ATI) sent Magyari Beck Anna’s students on a professional examination and after passing it the ATI employed them. The Alexander Studio was accredited as the Alexander Technique International Hungarian Teacher Training Center.

In 2002 as an appreciation of the high quality work of the Hungarian Alexander teachers Magyari Beck Anna became a member of the ATI corporation of examiner teachers.


Éva RévútiÉva

She is a teacher of German and Hungarian Literature and Grammar. She had been using this technique throughout her high-risk pregnancy, what’s more, she even used it with her one month old daughter to cure her torpid muscles. She is the chairman of the CEEGAT and leader of the House of Patience Foundation Advisory Board.

She opened her own studio in Gödöllő under the name A+ Workshop on September 3, 2009. Her basic interests include conscious control and connections between certain psychological processes.


ZitaZita Lenkefi

She is a teacher of the Alexander technique in Budapest, Hungary since 2003.

She got to know the technique in 1998 in the Teacher Training School of Magyari Beck Anna in Budapest, and meanwhile she started to teach the technique. She got her international degree in 2004 and entered the teacher’s board of the ATI. In 2006 she became sponsor teacher. She started learning belly dance in 2000. She has been a belly dance teacher since 2003 and makes use of the Alexander principles in learning and teaching dance. Since 2008 she has been learning two Polynesian massage types (Ma-uri and Lomi-lomi), and she makes great use of her Alexander knowledge during the learning process.


MártiMárta Guba

She is a physiotherapist and teacher of the Alexander technique

She first met the Alexander technique in 2005 and learnt the bases of the technique under the guidance of Magyari Beck Anna and Szabó Csilla. She became a teacher of the technique in July 2009 and since then she has been teaching and improving her knowledge in this school.

“My wish is to reach consciousness in all fields of life, to understand and feel the knowledge I gained here and also to understand my feelings. The Alexander technique helps a lot to me in this process.”


NatalijaNatalija Jovic

She got to know the technique during the summer of 2006. She took part in a course of 12 lessons under the direction of Németh Irén in Nagykanizsa and this changed her view of life. A year later, after taking part in another 18 lessons, she started learning in Budapest with Magyari Beck Anna. She gives lessons to musicians to help them improve their postures, release them from tension and get rid of stage fright.


GergőGergely  Bíró

Percussion player, teacher

He is a founder of the Orfeo Chamber Orchestra. He also teaches percussion at the teacher training department of Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. Furthermore, he is the section leader of the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra.

He got to know the Alexander technique because of his problems with his shoulder. After thirty private lessons his pain disappeared and he decided to start attending the Alexander teacher training programme.

“The Alexander technique helps me in fulfilling my everyday duties, and is also very helpful in developing my play, getting rid of stage fright and doing sports (swimming, tennis, parachuting). As an Alexander teacher, musician and father it is outstandingly important for me to get to know my own habits and to keep it in mind that we can always make our own decisions. This leads us to the freedom of thought, body and communication and artistic freedom.”


IstvánIstván Nikolényi

My singing studies influenced me in getting interested in self improvement methods and I turned to Magyari Beck Anna in January 2004. Since then I have been trying to get a deeper knowledge of the Alexander technique as a member of the school. For me the Alexander technique is a possibility for improvement and personal development. Although some parts of the technique could be found in other personal development methods what makes it exciting is its innovative approach to human movement and the operation of the nervous system.


VikiViktória  Veszelik

I got acquainted with the Alexander technique and started practisicng at the school of Magyari Beck Anna in 2006. In situations and tasks at work I had already started to use the technique. I find it amazing how we can get our balance back in our life and regain the ease and openness we don’t even recognise we have lost. I find it particularly important that, opposed to other methods, I don’t only use the Alexander technique at the school. Its whole way of thinking has an effect on my body and mind.


Csenge BaloghBalogh Csenge

I was 14 years old when I took my first Alexander-technique lesson in Anna Magyari Beck’s studio. At that time my spinal curvature caused serious problems, I felt pain in my back regularly. Although I had medical treatment and tried swimming it didn’t make any difference. The doctors suggested me to wear corset. I learned to play the flute, my spinal curvature made it really difficult, because I felt pain during playing most of the time.

After 2 month of taking Alexander-Technique lessons my pain ceased and in the studio I got the chance to learn how to play the flute easily without any muscle tense. To achieve this I got help from the serbian music teacher Natalija Jovic who already app the Alexander-technique in her teaching.

In the meantime I became really interested in the technique and the thought of conscious body using. I felt that I would like to teach this method in the future. 4 years has passed since. I did my teaching practice abroad as the assistant of Anna Magyari Beck. Currently I give private Alexander-technique lessons besides my studies at the Budapest Business School.

CsillaCsilla  Szabó


Dagmar Kolarikova

László Mánfay



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