Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955)

alexanderAlexander worked out his process at the end of the nineteenth century. He had a voice training studio in Australia where he primarily taught singers and artists. At the beginning of the 1900′s he moved to London where in the 1930′s he established his teaching centre and wrote a book on the history of his technique and the basis of its teaching methodology. By then he had had more than 30 years of teaching experience.

During the last 100 years the technique became more and more popular. Doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, nurses and social workers became familiar with the Alexander technique at universities and colleges. Later, by taking part in a three-year-long postgraduate training they became teachers of the Alexander technique. This natural process, either used together with the possibilities provided by their original profession or as an individual method, proved to be an important support for their work.

The acquisiton of the Alexander technique is basically similar to a language learning process, but in this case the key is to acquire the interpretation of the messages given by our own body. Undoubtedly, when a student learns to use this technique on himself he gains the ability of ceasing his painful or unpleasant and negative bodily symptoms. Furthermore, he gets greater power of endurance and can learn faster and more efficiently, thus letting his skills and talent develop.

In those parts of the world where this method became widespread, for instance in Australia, the USA or several countries of Western Europe, the method is used with success in fields where special attention is paid to people’s balanced and good state of health.




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