About the Alexander technique – references


“For me the Alexander Studio is an island of tranquility. This is the place where I can set my heart at rest. I always leave the studio and start my daily routine filled up with energy.”

Diána Kerti


“The Alexader technique is the salt of life.”

Richárd Fromann


“This is a movement education technique which teaches a more free and less problematic way of thinking and use of your body. This is what everyone knew as children, but which they have wholly or partially lost as the natural result of civilisation.”

Zita Lenkefi


“The Alexander technique is a union of body and soul. It brings outer and inner harmony, it is the reconciliation of the incompatible. It unites the negative and positive poles of a magnet. These cannot exist separately as they meet in eternity.”

Attila Herbert Lukács


“This is a technique with which we can reteach and remind our bodies to move as freely as it did at the age of six.”

Éva Révúti


“The knowledge of the technique is a great supplementary for our everyday lives, in other words it is an art of existence. With the help of it we are able to find the natural rhytm of our bodies again, which is a key to our health and general well-being. This consciousness leads to a proper use of the body and it saves us the physical and mental loads of our modern lives.”

Viktória Veszelik


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