Activities of the studio


The first Hungarian Alexander Studio was opened by Anna Magyari Beck  in 1993. In the studio professional teachers give private lessons to students who suffer from pain and several problems. Among the students one can find doctors, psychologists, sanitary workers, musicians, singers, actors, businessmen, bank-clerks, computer specialists, university students, teachers and sportmen.

Private lessons

At private lessons a student works with one teacher, thus the teacher can completely concentrate on the student. During their cooperation the student learns how to move freely, easily and with enjoyment and gets rid of his or her habits. One to one teaching ensures complete discretion.

Intensive courses (school)

At the regularly started courses teachers teach students with the help of third year students. During the one week course that is about 6-8 hours long every day students can learn the Alexander principle, its theory and practice. Students learn the Alexander technique in small groups or pairworks.

Intensive courses are preceded by 30 private lessons.

Teaching practice and exam

Third year students have to do a one-year-long teaching practice. At the end of the three-year- long training they write a thesis. After the 1600 practical lessons trainees with the recommendation of their teacher, can take the CEEGAT exam at three sponsor teachers in order to get the international degree.

In 2000 the ATI (Alexander Technique International) accredited the Alexander Studio as a Teacher Training Centre. As a result students who finished their studies in this studio can become members of ATI as well.

Further education of teachers

We offer training and professional support to teachers in the following ways:

Individual trainings, private lessons based on special conceptions and small group trainings that give an opportunity to talk shop, get feedback about personal development and work, and improve teaching methods and skills.


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