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The Alexander technique – as the students see it…

hannahHannah Nagy: My acquaintance with the Alexander technique started at the age of eleven, seven years ago.

I have tried several conservative and alternative methods to cure my weak back muscle and scoliosis. A corset seemed to be the only solution. After the first Alexander class I already felt that this is what I need, although I could not explain why. Slowly but my back got stronger. At the moment I am studying to become a teacher of the technique. Why have I been so enthusiastic since the first moment? Besides the great atmosphere, I felt the authenticity of the technique. Other techniques I tried before seemed to be superficial and could not deal with my problem. Thanks to the technique I also went through great changes as a violinist. I play more fluently, got rid of my stage fright, and have better concerts.


csengeCsenge Balogh: I have been using the technique for a year and it has brought important changes into my life. It turned out four years ago that I had serious scoliosis and I had to wear corset.

What’s more, I had to stop playing the flute. Throughout these four years nothing could do as much as the Alexander technique. According to the last check-up my scoliosis is minimal now and it is probable to cease for all. Furthermore, my performance also changed a lot, I can play the flute longer and more intensively than a year before.


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